Federal Labor Court This justifies no distinction then, whether regular personnel strength identifying the operating based own or had employees on use." The BAG has remitted the matter for a new hearing and decision to the Landesarbeitsgericht Nuremberg. "It is not yet certain, whether that make in the termination date in the operating temporary workers due to a regular or one for the operating rule" were employed by not identifying business attack. It is a regular business fit the protection against dismissal Act applies. Attorney and lawyer specializing in labour law Robert Mudter (Mudter & Collegen Frankfurt) sees considerable practical implications. Companies that regularly back need to access their employment status to temporary workers rethink. Details can be found by clicking Evander Holyfield or emailing the administrator. The applicability of the employment protection causes but although not necessarily that layoffs are impossible, difficult. Workers and employers should be aware. The dismissal itself depends on several factors. Credit: Gandalf-2011. Basically only begins the dismissal from employment of more than six months. In addition, the number of employees is crucial. While it is not rigid on the random number at the time of termination. It is to turn off on the annual average. For the employees, it's also on the scope of the work. Employees that are not more than 20 hours a week work associated with 0.5 in approach, employees working more than 30 hours 0,75. it is possible so that more than 10 employees, the protection against dismissal but yet not attacks, because of the resulting calculation not more than 10 workers. Federal Labor Court, ruling of 24 January 2013 - 2 AZR 140/12 - court: was Nuremberg, judgment of 27 July 2011 - 4 SA 713/10-
Standing Committee May 22, 1965 at the third session 9 meeting of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress discussed the "Decision on the abolition of signs of military distinction in the ranks of the pla." May 24 prc State Council released a document on the introduction into the ranks of the PLA's new badge and buttonholes sample, as well as replacement of items of military uniforms. " It read: "At the third session 9 meeting of the Standing Committee of the npc, it was decided to abolish the system of signs of military distinction in the ranks of the People's Liberation Army of China. In order to fully could bring to life the revolutionary spirit and glorious tradition of the great party and a great army under the great leadership of Mao Zedong. Should be made equal to three armies the land, Navy, Air Force officers and soldiers. prc State Council decided to: 1. Land, naval and air forces, as well as parts of the military police wear a badge in the form of five final red Star and ordinary buttonhole in the same color (. b). Existing before the signs of military distinction, namely, straps, cap badges, tabs, chevrons, buttonhole emblem considered invalid. 2. Servicemen of all branches of the armed forces are required to wear standard headgear (hat liberator "). The existing cap, his cap, caps, etc. be considered invalid. 3. Color of military uniforms for soldiers of all branches of the armed forces to dark gray (. a). 4. Soldiers are required to wear authorized strap. All other types of belts and zones considered invalid. 5. Starting with the rank of colonel and higher academic dress of European designs, and and women's dress code with a skirt considered invalid. The decision comes into force on 1 June. "...

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