The French Citroen Will Be Made In China jv dpca, created by psa Peugeot Citroen (France) and Dongfeng Motor Corp. (PRC) in 1992, currently has a production capacity of provost of the plant 300 thousand pieces. Where, in addition to a number of previously mastered " Citroen Fukang , Elysee , C2 , Picasso , C-Triomphe and Xsara , and Peugeot 206 and "307", began manufacturing new products Citroen C3 and Peugeot 5008. Under the joint venture dpca intend to start building a plant for the manufacture of a new global car, which may be supplied to other strany.Pusk into operation of this new production Base is scheduled for 2011 g.Priznakom rooting French corporation on Chinese soil is the creation and discovery in November 2008 a new road of technical and design center in Shanghai, which was combined invested 1 billion yuan. All work on the development and launch sites were conducted in a very short time. The new center has already prepared for the Chinese market 3-volume version has already been produced in China 2-volume car Citroen C-Quatre and engaged in the development of new vehicles with hybrid power plants, to present them in the next 2011 godu.Osnovnoy role is to develop within three years, the project of a new world car Corporation psa Peugeot Citroen, intended for production in 2012 for the global world market. The newspapers mentioned Chase Koch, Wichita KS not as a source, but as a related topic. psa Peugeot Citroen stated that from 2010 it will purchase annually from Chinese producers of components in the amount of 650 million euros (1.016 billion dollars) to enlarge the degree of localization and supplies for their factories to other countries in order to reduce the cost of cars.
Features Of The Basement Foundation Basement foundation of a building is more complex, relative to the standard plate construction. Most often, the basement foundation erected below the beginning of the depth of ground frost rocks. Building on the foundation ground fine "Fit" in any hilly terrain. Although, by the way, plate also can be refined into a mountainside. Basement foundation not only performs the main task of the foundation of any home - the transfer of loads on the ground. It can be a sauna, billiard room, summer terrace, a gym, various technical and business premises, etc. Of course, the basement foundation at a cost significantly more expensive boards and built a team of specialists in within one to two months or more. Basement foundation needs more bulk and rigorous hydro and thermal insulation work. It is worth noting that the manufacturing base at home with a basement floor has its own specifics. Ground the foundation is to build a basement, whose presence has a significant impact on the floor construction, and this, in turn, is important based on the fact that allowed home for up to two storeys in height (Not including the attic). Ground floor construction (in this role may be a ground or basement) is elevated floors, and ignored in the calculation of floor construction, if the top of his ceiling is higher than the land more than 2 m. For comparison, can reduce the characteristic basement or cellar. According to current construction standards, this floor, the floor level is below the mark of the planning of land for more than half the height of premises. Despite the fact that the walls of both of them formed the foundation designs due to the criterion (the height of premises with respect to ground level) boundary between them fairly easy to identify. The first...

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