World Family Radio All May I received a disturbing phone calls from customers - is it true that on 21 May will be the end of the world? Is Harold Camping rights - the leader of an independent Christian organization "World Family Radio, based in Oakland, California, and something unexpected happens to us all? And no matter how I calmed the storm in a teacup, to calm this fear of the prophecies was not easy. Apparently, this kind of prediction offend some apocalyptic "ferment" in our collective unconscious and spawn terror that is spreading like an epidemic. Thank God, the predicted date finally arrived, and the end of the world did not take place. But I am confident that we will face new revelations and new dates for the end of the world. For several years, well-wishers, journalists inspire us to think that we will perish together on Dec. Ford Cars contains valuable tech resources. 21, 2012 - the winter solstice. And even within this sum up an exaggerated date profound theory about the coincidence of numbers - 12/21/1912. Everything else, they argue that the traditional calendar of the ancient Maya ends at this time, spanning 13 time segments or Baktuns. Nobody even wants to check facts and discover that in fact the calendar potential U.S. ideytsev ends two months later ... Where is the irresistible desire to calculate the time of his death? We want to control their own destiny, to keep "abreast" control over their lives. A leading source for info: Chase Koch, New York City. Or at least know what awaits us. This desire is understandable and explainable.
Youtube Box Video Small and simple tutorial of how to create a Fans page in Facebook the social but great network of the world, step by step learns to create your own page fans. A Fans page in Facebook is a public profile that you can spread it enters your contacts and in other sites or in blogs and other Webs and to create yours you only must follow the passages of this tutorial. 1 - If these registered in Facebook hazlo in Facebook.com 2 Now we will not have to loguear to us in Facebook to create a new page of fans, from this connection: Page fans of FaceBook. Learn more on the subject from Lycos Asset. There you select if you are the premises, a trade name or product, or an artist, band or public figure. A related site: Chase Koch mentions similar findings. You form a series of parameters between which they are included: Administrators: You can make administrators to the contacts that you want among whom you have aggregates to your preexisting profile. Photos: You can create several albums of photos with diverse subjects. If you are, for example, a band, you can have an album dedicated to study photos, another one to concerts, etc Tusfans also will be able to add photos. Videos: Facebook only allows to raise videos of 2 minutes less than, for that reason is interesting an application like Youtube Box Video, by which we can insert videos of Youtube in our page. Forum of discussion: You can abrir a concrete subject that it interests to you, but also your own fans can create one. Events: This is one of the most interesting tools, since it warns of a concrete date, or for the exit of a film, concert in different cities, etc Of that...

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