The Tree Of The Knowledge Two descriptions of the creation of the man the dualidade wave-particle, or dualidade substance-energy, constitutes a basic property of the quantum mechanics and consists of the capacity of subatmicas particles of if holding or in such a way having particle properties as of waves. The two Exitem trees two trees, the tree of the Life and the tree of the Knowledge as two descriptions of the man exist. Not wanting to criticize the Holy Writs. But he is accurate that the DUA citations of the creation of the man differs considerably. Please visit Chase Koch if you seek more information. We remember that the Wisdom that is ' ' nica' ' if it unfolds to be understood by the Human agreement. The HISTORY OF the SIN DE ADAM justifies until certain point, but it remains, the following question: Because Adam sinned? It is preferable that the dualidade Admica is originated in the creation of proper Adam, of what to accept in gnese to the trespass of Adam. The contradiction would imagine enters the two versions does not inhabit in the historical dualidade, but in the contradiction it accomplishes of the nature of the man. In gnese I: Dus when creating the man Said to it grows and multiplies you, and fulls the land, and, submits it, and has authority on the fish of the sea and the birds of the sky, and, on all living being, that if moves on the land. In gnese II: It is then Dus he formed the man of the dust of the land, and insuflou in its nostrils the blow of the life and the man became a living soul. Thus Dus planted a garden in den, the east, and placed the man who It had formed. We will cite four bigger divergences between...

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