Russian Brides Love - is feeling a strong attraction between a man and a woman. Usually when they have love, there is a desire to start a family. At first they did not think much about whether or not they are compatible. They just love each other. A then it turns out that they have a problem - the problem of understanding between the two different sexes, and it usually occurs when a family is created. All premises only to realize you are compatible or not. But if you already know what kind of person you want, do not just get married / get married as soon as you meet him. Because the cardinal rule of psychological compatibility, no rules. In general, we can say that any any kind of people can be compatible, but not everyone can get along with each other. It depends on many factors. They say that people are compatible, when they look like. A woman likes to talk and her partner, too, do not mind, he would like to relax in nature, and it is also like, they both enjoy each other, even if you just sit in silence. And always will be? In the beginning, yes. But soon they would have problems in relationships. There is another type "compatibility". The man says - woman listening to it decides - he does one of them - indicates another - subordinate. This is certainly good, but only at first glance. Disagreements may begin because of different views on life. If you are already familiar to someone and suddenly realize that your second half is not quite compatible with you, do not worry! The identity of any nature can get along with each other if they know the quality of each other, and secondly if they just decide what...

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