The Rental Market Because of the inability to sell the apartment at a reasonable price during the crisis of 2009, investors turned to real estate rental market. Many decided until prices return to previous levels, rent an apartment to rent for long period, or to earn income by renting apartments or even hourly rental. The point is, however, although at first glance quite simple, requires a certain amount of effort and entrepreneurial skills. Like any other kind of business. Without good advertising is hard to find new customers and without high-quality service - a loyal, regular customers and recommendations, which will come new customers who then in turn can result in more new customers. The market of mini-hotels and private landlords began to arrive with more new members. In response to this has stimulated growth in the number of advertising platforms, where the apartments are presented with detailed descriptions and photos. Just three years ago in Chelyabinsk, this niche was practically free. Now the Internet more than 20 sites in Chelyabinsk. Even the major web-developers began to open new projects advertisement apartments not only for Chelyabinsk, but also in other Russian cities. From a consumer perspective, a new kind of hotel services - domestic hotels, as is sometimes called the apartments are to have certain advantages over conventional hotels: - The price of daily rent is lower than the same room. The cost of renting a private apartment depends on the number of rooms, comfort and location in the city. Than closer to the center, the more expensive. - Went on missions - an opportunity to pick up a temporary housing closer to work. Typically, landlords can provide business traveler, required reporting documents. - Wachter on the floor and admission is missing, you can invite a guest at a later time. Almost the...
The Best Or you can open your store or restaurant. Of course, then have to pay the rent, advertising and insurance However, there is a business system combining the reliability of the franchise and the freedom of an independent contractor, no bosses, employees and larger investments. This system is already used by companies such as Citigroup, Prodigy, gte, Mattell, ibm, Sprint, mci, amason.com, reel.com and cdnow.com. What new trends in business use these companies, which do not know you? What makes these companies are essentially pushed the traditional market, and what new forms of distribution are they using? They use a new business model called 'virtual Franchising '. Some people call it 'network marketing' or 'advisory marketing', others call it 'marketing liaison' or 'marketing from person to person,' or even 'viral marketing'. Call it like want, but the fact is that this business model annually brings $ 23 billion in the U.S. only. It's a business power of the word. Many companies have long realized that the best way to promote the product on the market - is the power of words. and Now they are willing to pay you for it. As the owner of a virtual franchise, you can market the products and services to existing companies and get a commission. Instead of investing millions of dollars in advertising, office rent and distribution of goods, these companies pay millions of virtual franchise owners, that is the same for people like you. Many of these companies have existed for more than 50 years.

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