Internet I believe to be bigger frustration of a human being the fact of it to have that to prove its character the people who do not know it. To transfer itself for what it is not, is something half that constrangedor, and with certainty many of us already we pass therefore or we will go to pass one day. Add to your understanding with Obama Care. All frustraram and will frustraro to others one day. We are imperfect, however the worse form of constaint is that one where if paid for what it did not make. Frustrating not? Nobody can please outrem it to 100%. Neither to make with that they believe 100% it. The inconformismo of the human being is so great that it does not leave it to be pleased with obvious answers and clear when they justify from that it suffered, or that it practised, as for example: Somebody hurts it going for the work. We can have two reactions in relation to the occurrence. The first one: satisfaction for not having to go to work in that day. Second. Distrust, fear to transfer itself for liar (a). Of that it forms I have of speaking so that the responsible person for me really believes that I am speaking really? I speak with sadness tone? I speak normally and I place until a smile in the voice to say that I hurt myself, but is all good? Guilt or joy? Who really is worried about responsibility and honesty, is worried about its behavior in any circumstance of its life. Either in the job, either sailing in the Internet, either in its relationship with any classroom of people, etc. But what really to make so that they believe in what we speak? So that our actions are considered...

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