American Currency Which will be the tendency of dollar 10 Julio 2009 Again we put to the dollar in center of the debate. The controversy around its possible continuity towards the loss in a medium one in the long term in front of the main currencies, stays in center of the debate. So far, the recovery of the appetite by has taken it to the risk to be debilitated against the Euro and to be located in the closing of yesterday in US$ 1.4025 by unit of European currency. He will be advisable to bet against the dollar in the medium term? The aversion to the risk that the investors have experimented at the tensest moments of international the financial crisis has been without doubts the main ally of the American currency. This behavior of the global investor has been a clear signal that still it trusts the dollar like strong currency. This situation of a dollar fortifying itself in a scene of deep crisis originated by the own American financial system in an economy of terrible deficits fiscal and external in continuous growth that has been lived during the last year, has represented a beside the point contradictory fact. The explanations did not abound logics with why the investors trusted (and now also) the currency of a country then that was virtually on the brink of madness the precipice. Certainly it does not seem a rational decision. The confidence that has generated during decades the dollar, without doubts has maintained in spite of everything, in this critical period. Perhaps also he was implicit wanting to avoid his fall not to colapsar next to him given the high exhibition that the world has in front of the American currency. Nevertheless, this confidence has been begun to debilitate and treasons have been observed...

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