Green Revolution Almost all the emissions are in the form of methane (3,3 Gt) and nitrogen oxide (2,8 Gt). About two thirds of the global methane emissions and the majority of nitrogen oxide emissions come from Tmese agriculture in account indicates Austen, that there is a multitude of processes that compose the system of feeding in the world and which they require of energy to work: culture of foods, storage, transport, processing, transformation and packing, distribution, sale and treatment of the wastes. The manufacture of the majority of the agricultural consumptions (fertilizing, pesticides, weed killers, drugs) are done processing combustible fossils like raw material (the natural gas to produce nitrogen fertilizer and petroleum to produce pesticides). From the denominated Green Revolution in the Sixties, the water and use agro-chemical for irrigation increased tremendously. Tmese in account, that the industrial system of feeding, employee in extreme fossil fuel degree, is responsible for an enormous amount of gases with greenhouse effect. One calculates that one third part of the global emissions of these can be attributed to the system nourishing global. Nevertheless, many different forms exist to feed itself that they have different power consumptions and therefore gas discharges with greenhouse effect. The most basic and traditional forms of food production as the agriculture of displacement and the hunting and harvesting, much less consume energy that the one that is obtained. The most modern methods as bovine intensive and the industrial fishing they are very inefficient in his power consumption, and sometimes consume up to 15 to 20 times more energy than what it is obtained in the form of food. The smaller doubt does not fit, indicates Austen, that the power consumption of the nourishing system of the industrialized country more of the planet, the United States, has increased enormously in the last...

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