Third World Estimates of the agency indicate that this contingent will reach 32 million in 2025 and will make of the Country sixth in number of aged in the world. It is the etrio group that more grows in Brazil. , For the projections of the IBGE, the life expectancy of the Brazilians it will continue growing in the next decades. The average life of the Brazilian, for example, will arrive at the platform of 81 years, in 2050. Currently, the average expectation of life to the rising of the Brazilian is of 72,3 years. The projection for 2020 is of 27,2 million, and that in 2025, Brazil will be the sixth country with bigger population of aged of the world, with the expressive amount of 31,8 million aged in the developing countries, with life expectancy for return of the 80 years. The third age presents singular characteristics differentiates that it of the remaining portion of the population. Psychological singular because the process of aging of the individual is dynamic and constant with how much in such a way functional morphologic modifications, biochemists and, that will have as consequence the gradual loss of the capacity of adaptation to the way where it lives, presenting innumerable fragilities, with fall of the imunolgica resistance and bigger incidence of pathological processes that finish taking it the death, factors these, common for this phase of the life. But it is not only in Brazil that this phenomenon happens: the trend of the population aging is global, as they accuse the demographic surveys in the European continent, countries of the North America and countries it Third World. Studies prove that this trend also was detected in developing countries as in Argentina, in 1993, with percentages of 40%; Mexico, in 1995, with 36% and Brazil, in 1992, with...

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