China Emperor An Emperor of China writes the king of England, George III: As its ambassador can see for proper itself, possesss all the things. I do not attribute any value to strange or ingenious objects, and I do not have use for the manufactures of its country. (GONZLEZ, 1980) From now on, XVIII, as we can perceive in the current days, strange and ingenious objects, the manufactures of the capitalist industrial revolutions had century been become enlarged for the world, not without acquiring a inconfundivelmente warlike aspect, of ameaante armory and altivo, thus, appears economy of the subdesenvolvimento subdesenvolvimento today benefits of such choice, this in warlike and economic terms for the first one, what many classify as development factor, in such a way, perceive clearly the consequences of the colonizadora action, bitter fruits in our days. In accordance with the current reality we perceive clearly two well definite polar regions to the world-wide level, one alone world producing and consuming of capitalist form, not forcibly lead to the other reality of delay, of not growth , poverty or subdesenvolvimento in certain regions generating conditions to generate advances , growth, wealth or development it is it becomes it dependent of the capital to survive, so that the man does not perceive this relation is necessary camouflages it, and really is what it happens, the majority of the people exists and they do not give the minimum importance for the factors encircle that them and that they determine its daily life, if delivering and living in existing paradigms, however something total common for a vision that if limits only to the Real-apparent one. In the relation of work in the current days, one has left of the men possesss the work force, the proletariat and very lesser other possesss the material conditions...

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