Ricardo Arajo The Arched Space: In interview given the Ricardo Arajo and published nolivro Visual Poetry: Video Poetry 9, Haroldo De Campos answering to the question on the poem ' ' Parafsica' ' the Mrio Schenberg explains-noso sensible of the heading as well as the fact of the poem to be dedicated: ' ' Well, meupoema ' ' Parafsica' ' it looks for to metaforizar one of the most fruitful ideas doprofessor Schenberg: of that one of the dimensions of the physics of the future would be to emexplorar other aspects, on to psychology and biology. Of this form, afsica would give that jump that chemistry already gave, but that however in the dafsica field not yet it had occurred, enclosing areas of substances that are nodomnio of the call ' parapsicologia'. This, for Mrio Schenberg, was not bem' parapsicologia' , but yes one ' parafsica' , that is, not matricos phenomena, of the order of the materiality, that nothing has of transcendentais, or espiritualistas, and that they could be field of a series of on research to the physics, in especial Physical Quntica.' ' The relations between literature and science in muitosmomentos of history had been in guideline. Such relations if had not given somentenuma direction of only hand, but it was a reciprocal commerce of ideas and concepts, that in the fields most distinct had exactly occurred analogical transformations dessesconceitos of an area in the other. Thus, for example, during the call realism dosculo XIX the influences of Ernest Renan and Augustus Comte were clear as much nacincia how much in literature. If to come back more in the time, we can find nomaneirismo and in the baroque a enclosure for bullfighting where teocentrismo and is antropocentrismodebatem in the spirit of the way artist that as much one as another...

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