The Devices In addition, laminate - not wood, it will not crack. Sufficiently close to the parquet flooring and parquet board. It is somewhat more suitable for floor heating. Way to build the floorboard is the same as a laminate: substrate and cover with a locking compound. Parquet board nevertheless does not tolerate high temperatures. If you decide to lay parquet boards over underfloor heating, consider: the temperature at the surface of the floor should not exceed 26 C, while heating everywhere should be uniform. But the guarantee the wood floorboards will not crack, does not exist. Especially not recommended for heated floors are wood species such as maple or beech. These trees are most likely to change in form. If you do opted for unit shipments, or an artistic dance floor and decided to put it on the heated floors, follow the recommendations below. First of all, I would like to talk about heating the room, wearing codename "warm floor", that is about the devices under floor heating. There are two types of devices: vodotsirkulyatsionny and electric. heating system operates from a central heating mini-boiler or boiler. On concrete base is placed a layer of foam foil. Stacked on top of the foil metal-pipe, the top is filled screed about 50-60 mm thick. After drying (Approximately one month) can be placed on the main floor. Spacing of the tubes is selected so as to maintain optimal temperature in the room. Electric floor heating system is as follows. On concrete base mounted multi cable with insulation of a material resistant to heat above 100 C.
Land Cruiser But if your desire to buy a new car so compelling that there is no crisis, even global, not in a position to affect your plans are, first of all, it's worth to analyze in detail the situation in the auto market and determine the most the best option. Without a doubt, if the money you have more than enough, which, incidentally, is very rare, your choice - Motor Show. New car that did not speak - a new car. This is brand new and unusual flavor finishing Interior materials, characteristic only for new cars, and the ideal operation of the engine, and you chose a complete set, and favorite color. Simply put - all that you wanted. But for this comfort and a feeling you will have to pay, and pay, and, not a penny. No wonder they say that only once the car leaves the showroom it, depending on the configuration and the class loses in value from 2 to 5 thousand American rubles. Today, everyone can see quite a development of an unusual situation in the market of new cars. Official dealers, in order to compensate for a sharp drop in auto sales that have already accumulated in the warehouses, offer their customers a variety of events and discounts, ranging from usual price reduction to the more sophisticated options - air-conditioner as a gift, a year of free service, etc. Autobazar - it's more low-end solution for all your transportation problems. Of course, the prices of cars with mileage is impressive. Here you and maize; (Toyota Land Cruiser) 2006 release with navigation and leather interior, and two times cheaper than in the showroom, and the bmw M5 with a herd of horses under the hood. In short, everything that your heart desires. However, Indeed, the new 'lucky'...

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