Spiral Mining Equipment Spiral classifier is one of the beneficiation equipments. According to the different proportion of solid particles, the rate of precipitation in the liquid is also different. Spiral classifier concentrates fine ore based on the principle. After grinding, the materials will pass through filter, through which the coarse materials will return to ball mill and the fine ore will be discharged from the overflow pipe. The necessity of spiral classifier in the industrial production is obvious. Rare gold, silver and other metals separation often use classifier. Chinese classifier technology has a rapid improvement since 1950s. While the advanced grade technology is applied, we also blended into our own technology. At present, the Chinese classifier has reached advanced international level. We produce classifiers, which are completely able to do long term industrial operations, and the quality is absolutely reliable. The advantages of the spiral classifier are: stable and reliable performance, easy-to-operate, can be connected with the ball mill without pump. Do do The biggest spiral classifier specification made in China is? 3.0 m, can reach connection with artesian? 3.6 m X4.0 mm ball mill. The big volume of the spiral classifier has buffer action and plays the role of transporting material, while the return concentration can be as high as 65% to 80%, thus good for the grinding operation. As an artificial (natural sand) sand washing equipment, sand washer is used for removing dust in sand. It aims at improving the quality of sand. It is especially applicable to wash sand and sand paving construction. Sand washing machine is widely used for cleaning materials in the following industries: quarry, minerals, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water onservation and hydropower, cement mixture station and so on. Clean aggregate to improve the quality of the concrete, engineering and interior design please the object. Clean...
The Devices In addition, laminate - not wood, it will not crack. Sufficiently close to the parquet flooring and parquet board. It is somewhat more suitable for floor heating. Way to build the floorboard is the same as a laminate: substrate and cover with a locking compound. Parquet board nevertheless does not tolerate high temperatures. If you decide to lay parquet boards over underfloor heating, consider: the temperature at the surface of the floor should not exceed 26 C, while heating everywhere should be uniform. But the guarantee the wood floorboards will not crack, does not exist. Especially not recommended for heated floors are wood species such as maple or beech. These trees are most likely to change in form. If you do opted for unit shipments, or an artistic dance floor and decided to put it on the heated floors, follow the recommendations below. First of all, I would like to talk about heating the room, wearing codename "warm floor", that is about the devices under floor heating. There are two types of devices: vodotsirkulyatsionny and electric. heating system operates from a central heating mini-boiler or boiler. On concrete base is placed a layer of foam foil. Stacked on top of the foil metal-pipe, the top is filled screed about 50-60 mm thick. After drying (Approximately one month) can be placed on the main floor. Spacing of the tubes is selected so as to maintain optimal temperature in the room. Electric floor heating system is as follows. On concrete base mounted multi cable with insulation of a material resistant to heat above 100 C.

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