Communist Party While the Liberal revolutions of Eastern Europe were able to take advantage of resentment for national minorities (such as the Armenians of Karabakh, the Baltic, the) Slovenes and Croats, etc.), Cuba, even though it is a melting pot, is nationally homogenous. A week that Fidel turned his 65 years occurred Yanayev coup in Moscow (19 August 21, 1991), failing, produced a counter-reaction. Those years must have been terrible for Fidel because he saw as it disintegrated its Soviet sponsor. This was their main buyer of sugar and other products and their suppliers of hydrocarbons, machinery and other goods. His comrade Daniel Ortega lost power in 1990 and since then the sandinistas have not returned to govern Nicaragua. Despite its isolation, Castro avoided an Eastern Europe type uprising since his main opponents were outside the island and to the majority of the population compared their standard of living with the rest of Latin America that was under strong settings. While the monetarists argue that such reforms were essential to ensure growth type Chile, the truth is that then they initially produced in many parts companies and unemployment, closures panorama that Fidel showed as a bad example to the Cuban people. The rotation of Castro during 30 years (from 1961 to 1991) the great mentor of Castro was the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). Nina castrated Blogs related World War babies TimeNewRoman El Ciudadano Communists deputies in the first session of the weekly newsletter: February 06 to 12 March 2010 Ladies in White march on Cuba crackdown anniversary Cubaverdad more secession in the former Yugoslavia, recognized Kosovo abortion: Bolsheviks and Dios Mayor Oreja and the Bolsheviks Txema Oleaga Deng Xiaoping completo Portrait, Futian District, Shenzhen, China Why is it such a problem that China is booming? SharingAnswer.
Harmful Sweetness Of Refined Sugar Refined sugar is now firmly entrenched in our lives. In the coffee or tea, we add one or two spoons of sugar, sprinkle the dish while cooking with powdered sugar, or added directly to the cooking process. Even those people who try not to use sugar in its pure form, eat it in huge quantities, such as a bank of carbonated sweet water volume of 0,5 l contains from 7 to 12 tablespoons of sugar in the cup cream 3 to 5 tablespoons. Ordinary person eats average of 60 to 100 kg of sugar per year. Many people believe that sugar is needed for normal activity of the organism, and they are in their own right, needed sugar, but in the natural form, but not this refined carbohydrate Dummy. For thousands of years, sugar was unknown to man, man has lived and evolved without sugar. Forget it, none of the old books, the Koran, New Testament, the I Ching, the Book of Internal Medicine Yellow Emperor, etc. More than 500 years ago, few people knew about sugar. So, what is refined sugar? White refined sugar that is produced from sugar beets or reed does not contain anything, no vitamins, no protein or fat. It's clean simple carbohydrate, getting in body, it is rapidly converted to glucose without the participation of the digestive system goes into the blood. In the body, it is so quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, it requires an excessive amount of insulin and then leads to a decrease in glucose the blood to dangerously low line, causing the state called hypoglycemia. This state is different in outward manifestation of distress, as the decline of energy, fatigue, weakness, nervousness, wanton depression, etc. If you analyze your lifestyle, or lifestyle of other people who use sugar in large quantities,...

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