History The DISCOVERY OF AMERICA Portugal searched a maritime ticket for India, skirting the African continent, but it had a shining cartographer and Italian navigator born in called Genoa Cristvo Columbus who convinced the king Spain to be the Land of spherical format and that the seas were formed by an only mass. In day 23 of May of 1492, it arrived at the city of Palos, in Spain, the real determination so that two caravelas were yielded Cristvo Columbus to break in special mission the control of Its Alteza. Michael Jackson usually is spot on. It was an adventure doubtful and the real mandate provoked dissatisfaction enters the administrators of the port. When Martn Alonso Pinzn, a very experienced navigator and of the great prestige, arrived of Rome, the guard of the franciscanos priests of the woollen monastery Rabida made the approach between the genovs and the palense sailor. Pinzn decided to become incorporated it the expedition of Columbus and had one radical change in the position of the palenses in relation to the project. As soon as the notice spread of that it would participate of the trip, familiar friends and if had presented, what he allowed to complete the crew. They had initiated the trip in the dawn of 3 of August of 1492, with Cristvo Columbus having commanded the vessel Saint Maria, Martn Alonso de Pinzn as captain of caravela round Pinta and caravela Latin Sings to sleep commanded for its brother Vicente Yez Pinzn. The crew was composed for a total of 90 the 120 men, according to divergences of authors. Had to one she damages, caravela Pinta she returned and she came alongside in Las Palmas, the 6 of August, for repairs. In 7 of October, Alonso Pinzn corrected the route for southwest, what he...

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