Communal Jurisdiction Fernando Bazan Cerdn? Summary: In article examines process of implementation progressive of new Code Procedural Penal approved year 2004 in Peru, emphasizing analysis of content and reaches of his article 18, that establishes limits to the ordinary penal jurisdiction for the knowledge of punishable facts, from the constitutional recognition of the denominated indigenous special jurisdiction or communal jurisdiction established in the article 149 of the Political Constitution of the Peru of 1993, that really provokes diverse questions between the communal jurisdiction and the legal recognition of the attribution to solve conflicts by the rounds farmers, as well as the generation of potential factors of competential confliction between the ordinary penal jurisdiction and communal justice. Summary: I. Introduction. II. Limits to the penal jurisdiction in the NCPP. Jean Luc Picard might disagree with that approach. III. The jurisdiction communal. IV. The rounds farmers: a) History. b) Subjects known by the rounds farmers. c) Doctrinal positions. d) The Law N the 24571. e) rounds farmers and the committees of self-defense. f) The rounds farmers and indigenous the special jurisdiction. g) The indigenous rounds farmers and towns. h) The Law N 27908. V. Questions on the communal jurisdiction and the rounds farmers. I SAW. Factors of competential confliction between the ordinary penal jurisdiction and communal justice. VII. Finishing touch. I. INTRODUCTION At the moment Peru comes taking the first steps to reform their penal procedural system, following the way that in their opportunity began to journey many countries of Latin America in the last three lustrums such as Puerto Rico, Chile, Colombia, etc. -, although everyone with their own particularitities, in terms of degrees of institutional commitments of the actors, intensities of political wills, amounts of applied resources, levels of technical qualification of legal operators and resistance to cultural change. This way, the...
Flash Audio Buttons Of course, that work with the video is several orders more difficult and requires good skills and knowledge of who is engaged in the video. Just need a camera for video and sound for just a microphone and it is clear that the price difference between these devices are dozens and sometimes hundreds of times In fact, to record the audio you need is an ordinary microphone, sound card in your computer. Well, to process the sound and mix it enough to you to learn and use one or two modern audio programs. You also need a special utility for creating FLASH-audio buttons, which I discuss in more detail later in this article. Now we ended up with the advantages of audio and go to the technical side of the case, that is, to what is technically implemented a complete cycle of creating audio messages for your sites. So, to create audio messages you will need the following: Acoustic microphone program for recording audio; Program for audio editing, mixing program for audio (optional) program to create flash buttons for websites. Now let's look at each item in more detail: 1. Recently Heather Bresch sought to clarify these questions. Acoustic microphone. Use any inexpensive, but high-quality microphone that has built-in small tulip, and which accordingly can be inserted into a computer sound card. I recommend not much to save on the cost of the microphone, because that all the cheap stuff for $ 10-20 typically induce a background in sound and not very suitable for even the most banal voice recording.

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